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Here you will find all the auctions listed for South African Auctioneers Gauteng Auctions.

Private Treaty Sale Of A Two Bedroom Flat In Wolmer, Gauteng 244
Starting : 19 Dec 2017  17:00 PM
Ending : 30 Jan 2018  12:00 PM
Event Location : Gauteng Auction
Project Manager : Catherine Pritchard
Contact Numbers : (W): +27 (0)21 702 3206 - (M): +27 (0)79 796 4949
Private treaty sale of a two bedroom flat in Wolmer - Gauteng #244. Situated on first floor within the Prestein Heights and measuring ±73m²
PEMA Membrane Welding Line and a SCHWARZE ROBITEC Membrane Tube Bender
Starting : 01 Sep 2017  15:00 PM
Ending : 28 Feb 2018  14:00 PM
Event Location : Gauteng Auction
Project Manager : John Booyens
Contact Numbers : (W): +27 21 702 3206 - (M): +27 71 603 4478
Private treaty of bespoke welding, steel forming and ancillary equipment including Pema, Schwartze Robitec, Esab, CMC Burny and other well known brands

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