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Auction Editorial - The Inner Working of Online Auctions

The process of conducting an online auction

Close to 80 % of all the sales we conduct are Online Auctions and this percentage is increasing year on year. Buyers will purchase all types of assets online. As long as the descriptions have integrity, there is no barrier to selling high value assets online. Such is the strength of our brand, many purchasers bid without viewing the equipment, confident in our descriptions and our reputation. We do however host viewing days or arrange appointments to view. Online Auctions do not have an Auctioneer. All bids are placed by purchasers clicking their mouse on their PC. All online buyers have to register with us before they can do so.

Auction Homepage
Each online sale is listed at www.go-dove.co.za with a direct link to the dedicated sale page on www.go-dove.com. Sales rise to the top of the homepage chronologically and drop off when they have finished.

Lot Listing
Essentially an online catalogue, this lists all of the lots in the sale. It gives a unique lot number, a concise description of each lot, the current next bid and the close date/time. The concise description for each lot also acts as a link the individual lot page.

Individual Lot Page
This provides detail and specification for each lot, together with as many photographs or other files as we wish to post. Browsers can see the current next bid, the main conditions of sale, request an inspection, ask a question and view the bid history. Most importantly, they can register, login and bid live online.

Online Auction sales are typically opened weeks before the close of the sale. This allows us to monitor the effectiveness of the marketing by reviewing the unique visitor sessions and brochure downloads for the sale.

We usually receive about 50% of all bids on the last day of sale. If anyone bids within the last 10 minutes before the close, the sale is extended by another 10 minutes from the time of the last bid until such time that only one bidder remains.

Goindustry DoveBid proprietary Online Auction software was the first multi-lingual, multi-currency trading platform for used equipment and remains the market leader in terms of functionality, ease of use and the volume of sales concluded.

Dedicated Online Sales Team
You will benefit from Go-dove.co.za dedicated online sales team, who focuses exclusively on selling groups of assets and individual pieces of equipment over the web.

Goindustry DoveBid project manager and online specialists offer all of the before and after sale services for our clients that we provide for conventional and Webcast Auctions.

Published by GoIndustry DoveBid SA
@ 12 Apr 2019 03:06 PM

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