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Frequently Asked Questions

Please select the auction you are interested in on the website, and look at “Event Information” on the right hand side of the auction page.

  • Live, Onsite Auction
    • A Buyer can register prior to the auction by downloading the participation form, completing the form and sending the form, FICA documents and proof of payment back as per the directions on the participation form.
    • The buyer can register at the auction site on the day of the auction. The buyer should take note that we will require FICA documents of the person/company registering to take part in the auction as well as proof of payment of the registration fee. No cash registration fees will be accepted.
  • Online Auction Step by Step Guide
    • 1st register on the website at: https://international.go-dove.com/en/accounts/register.asp
    • Once you have completed this, you will be sent an email, in the email is a link, please click on this to verify your email address.
    • Go back to the website and sign in.
    • Go to the sale that you are interested in.
    • On the opening sales page or event page on the right you will see a button that says “Sign up for Event”, click on this.
    • A notification may pop up saying you only have viewer/registrant status. You need to apply for buyer status, do this by clicking the link and verifying your details and Terms & Conditions.
    • A notification will then say your buyer status will be activated within 72hrs. (if this doesn’t happen within the 72 hour time frame, kindly contact our office)
    • Once you have been approved/vetted, then go back to the website, event page and click on “View Lot Catalogue”. Make sure you are logged in.
    • This shows a listing of all the lots for that sale.
    • In the middle of each lot is a picture of a pen and says “Watch This”
    • Click on the “Watch This” on the lots that you are interested in bidding, it will change to a watching symbol. You have now moved the lots into your bid manager.
    • You will now control all your bidding from the Bid Manager. To get to your bid manager click on “My Account” go down to “Bid Manager”, then left to “Active Lots”
    • From here you will control your bidding, it will show various icons on the status of the lots and the status of your bids, IE, met reserves, winning, outbid etc. And most importantly the time remaining.
    • Just click on Bid Now, insert you amount, click “Place Auto Bid” and it will ask to confirm your amount.
    • The auction has a closing Date and Time; however, lots may go into extended time, eg. Each lot must have 10 minutes of no bidding before it closes. If for example the auction closes at 14h00 (SA time) and a bid comes in at 13h55 for Lot 1, then lot 1 is open to 14h05, a bid may now be placed at 14h02, it is then open to 14h12 and so on. This is done to assist bidders with poor internet connections and is the same principle as the auctioneer saying “Going, Going, GONE!” So please watch your bids/lots that you are interested in CAREFULLY.
  • Things to Note
    • All lots are priced to sell with a reserve price, if this price is not met on auction day, we may request the next highest bidder whether he/she/it would like to maintain their auction offer.
    • Whatever your bid amount is, the buyer’s premium will be added and then VAT (If a SA Resident Company, please confirm details and conditions if a foreign company
    • You may get further assistance/help at the following link: https://www.go-dove.com/c/help.html

Use the forgotten details section on the right-hand side of the log on page

Use the forgotten details section on the right hand side of the log on page

  • You may have missed the email verification section upon registration.
  • When you get the ‘Viewer Status’ message, click the prompt given to request an email to attain buyer status in order to start bidding.

Reason: Invoice may not have been paid on time – Email sa.sale@go-dove.com to request your account be unblocked.

This is an automated response, registration for bidding will be approved upon receiving completed participation form, FICA documents and proof of payment for the refundable registration fee.

Yes, a proxy bidder may bid on your behalf. In order for a proxy bidder to bid on your behalf you will need to complete and forward the following information together with your participation form when registering for the auction: Your FICA documents as well as the FICA documents of the person appointed as the proxy to bid on your behalf. We will also require a letter on your company letterhead or commissioned affidavit in terms whereof the person is appointed as the proxy for a certain auction up to a specific price on specific assets.

  • Locations of lots are found under the “View lot catalogue” bar on the right hand side of the auction page.
  • The price at which the Seller want to sell the asset. Reserve Prices are set by the seller and act to protect the seller’s financial interest in an asset.
  • Reserve Prices are not a valuation of an asset and may be set by the Seller above or below the market price for the item.
  • While the Reserve Price is not made public, bidders can tell if it has been met by looking at the item’s detail page.
  • If the highest bid is below the Reserve Price, the Seller may, at his discretion, sell the asset at that price during the auction, but is not obligated to do so.
  • Bidders on a lot that failed to meet or exceed its reserve may be contacted in this regard following the close of the sale.

The seller has placed a minimum amount that the seller will accept for the item.

  • An automated invoice will be generated and sent to the email address provided on the participation form.
  • Pay full invoice amount.
  • Once the money reflects in our account a release note will be emailed to the email address you registered with on the participation form.
  • Once you have cleared site of your assets won on the auction, you will need to email or fax a signed copy of your release note in order for us to confirm site clearance, when confirmation is received, we will refund the registration fee back into your account, alternatively the registration fee may be applied for a future auction.

Invoices will be emailed at close of auction.

No, the full purchase price, Buyer’s Premium and VAT is payable on receipt of the invoice. No deductions will be allowed.

  • Unsuccessful buyer – You will receive your registration fee within 2-3 working days after the closing of the auction.
  • Successful buyer – You will be required to clear site of your assets bought on auction before your registration fee is transferred back into your account.

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